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3D Printing that Wasn’t There

Few of us have the ability to pick up on trends and sense events before they occur. 3D printing is one of the new technologies that fascinates and charms, but most people are unaware of the real utility and applications of the technology. Regardless of the scary unknown, few of us succeed without taking chances.

One of the people betting on the promise of the new technology is Jarkko Lohilahti, a Finnish 3D printing aficionado who recently set up, a Finnish 3D printing company that offers 3D printing solutions.

We had a chance to speak with Lohilahti about the industry and his vision. is a catch-all service that sells 3D printers and 3D printer parts and accessories to Finnish companies and hobbyists. The company also provides services and education for 3D printing.

But does Lohilahti believe that Finns, who are not known for their unbridled enthusiasm for all things news, would jump on the 3D printing bandwagon?

“Certainly there will be slow and stable growth. There will be no big nudges on the growth anytime soon. When 3D printers will be mature enough for home users, growth will be exponential,” Lohilahti says.

Lohilahti saw an opening in the market and uncharacteristically for a Finn, took a chance and dove right into the deep end.

“Specialized 3D printer shop was missing from Finland and we wanted to provide good quality 3D printers and parts to Finnish consumers.”

Lohilahti and his merry band of 3D printing enthusiasts believe that it is a matter of time before local consumers discover the many applications of 3D printing.

“I believe that rapid manufacturing will be the next big step in the industry. We also think that there will be need of good quality 3D models and 3D modelers. ”

Furthermore, Lohilahti predicts that that medical and customized mass production industries will be the biggest markets for 3D printing both in Finland and internationally.

Following extensive research we discovered that Lohilahti has been operating in the 3D printing space for quite some time, and even wrote an academic thesis on the state of 3D printing in Finland. If the past and present are any indication, we will soon be hearing more about Lohilahti and his 3D printing endeavors.