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MAKER3D – 3D-printers, materials, support and training

We deliver 3D-printers and all the necessary accessories including materials, support and training. We map your needs for the parts and deliver you a package with all the needed items to get your own 3D-printer to work efficiently.

Maker3D is a Finnish company that designs and manufactures 3D print products. We offer high-quality 3D printing services at fast delivery times. We finish and customize the prints according to your wishes. We supply 3D-printed products even on the day of ordering. Knowledgeable staff, wide range of 3D printing techniques and networking enable us to work efficiently.

With us you will also find 3D printers as well as the necessary installation-, setup-, support- and training services. You will find our 3D printer online store at

Marketing models

Exhibition designs, scale models and miniatures are our specialty area. We combine old traditional handicraft with current technology.

Contract manufacturing

3D printing is a competitive manufacturing technology from cost to serial production.

Tools and digital spare parts

Tools are made directly from a 3D-model.

Product development

We are part of the product development process by providing our partners with our know-how and services for the development projects.

Our Clients