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Product development partnership is a service for long-term customers. Our expertise is at its best in producing the prototypes with the help of our network that covers the entire lifecycle of a product, form an idea to the final end product. Contact us with your idea, and we’ll chart how we can assist in developing your product. Our customers frequently use Tekes Innovation Voucher, we recommend getting acquainted with it.

Product designing

We specialize in developing 3D printable products and our operation centers around making the most out of what technology has to offer, however, we don’t see 3D printing as the sole option. Our repertoire also includes other means of manufacturing as points of comparison, leading to the most cost-efficient solution. Usually the best end result is achieved with a combination of different manufacturing methods.

Prototype manufacturing

  • The various options and solutions for developing your product
  • Headquarters is located in the industrial estate in Hernesaari
  • Solid experience and expertise in this line of business
  • Comprehensive network of partners
  • We are accommodated with public finance options
    • Innovation Voucher
    • Novelty search