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The idea for this article came to me after participating a sauna get-together with friends. The sauna facilities were booked from website, whose service was very accommodating, mostly due to Pindora’s smart lock. Accessing the facilities was simple: we received a code for the smart lock beforehand, so there was no need for keys or interacting with people.

I have seen many kinds of products along the way. Years of experience has provided me with a feel for evaluating potential in client’s product. Pindora has potential, demonstrably so: it has a story, it’s well designed, and the organizers’ communication reflects their becoming attitude.

Pindora has just launched their second generation smart lock (AVAILABLE NOW). Support Finnish craftsmanship and attitude by buying Pindora now!

Pindora Is a Valued Customer

This is what and how we operate when it comes to openness: we don’t shy away from public discourse. We are happy to promote the good endeavors of good people; our customers’ success is our success. I’ve built a strong business network of clients and advocates. We’re open to the open.

Pindora sells like hotcakes, and I should know: each Pindora product comes with parts manufactured in Maker3D’s service center in Lahti with 3DSystems ProX SLS 500 3D printing system and PA12 material. Most prototypes in the product development phase were manufactured by Pindora using their own Ultimaker 3D printing system.

Door is Active in the Wake of Change

The showroom door in our Hernesaari office is equipped with Pindora’s smart lock system. I have been using it as an indicator for business: I’d say the frequency the door is used reflects the popularity of 3D printing. For instance, the Pindora system has registered the door being opened a total of 3,246 times in September. Dividing this value among the 22 business days in September tells us the door was used almost 150 times a day. A staggering number considering the size of our staff in Hernesaari office.

Picture 1. A view from Pindora control panel.

3D printing is clearly growing more popular: our phone traffic is very active, we have given numerous demonstrations, both remote and on-site, and, of course, direct increase in our revenues. A 21.6% increase this unprecedented year, to be exact. A result to be proud of.

We have seen a marked increase of materials deliveries in our online store while the 3D production center at Lahti has been busier than ever. Both clear signs of 3D printed end use products becoming increasingly popular: the production line sees thousands of 3D printed parts weekly, 80% of which are end use products.

Picture 2. Maker3D’s 3D production is going at it at full capacity. We manufacture high quality parts with our 3DSystems ProX SLS 500 system, 80% of which are end use products.

Big Brother is Watching You

In its ingenuity Pindora serves many needs: Need to feel more in control? Say, check up on the guy filling in, cleaning operatives, customers, or employees? Or perhaps you too would like to avoid getting pissed off running around opening doors only you have keys for on your off-hours? Something I frequently bring up in conversations with entrepreneurs and executives because I know the feeling all too well. Sometimes I’d have been willing to pay a pretty penny to avoid the whole ordeal. Now, with Pindora, I can remotely open doors for anyone.

The Right 3D Printing Solution

There are many ways to unlocking the potential of 3D printing, and finding the right one requires breaking down the operation in question: Are the available resources sufficient to implement 3D manufacturing, or should the service be outsourced entirely? This is where we want to offer our expertise and integrate 3D printing as part of our client’s business the right way.

Picture 3. This chart just works every time. Product life cycle as a function of time and quantity, an excellent tool in estimating the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing.

This is it for now. But we’ll be back soon with news from project HighPEEK.

Best Regards,

Jarkko Lohilahti

CEO, Founder – Maker3D