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Press release

3D printing solutions provider Maker3D and biobased materials company Brightplus have co-developed a new ecological BrightBio® 3D printing material. These new bio and side-stream based filaments will be available in June 2021.

3D printing is used for creating various prototypes, but it is also suitable for production of various pieces and add-ons. Consequently, the demand for environmentally friendly filaments is growing.

We specialise in developing 3D printable products, and our expertise is at its best in making the most out of what the technology has to offer. It is great to use our 3D printing expertise to bring environmentally friendly and carbon neutral filament family to markets, tells the CEO of Maker3D, Jarkko Lohilahti.

Ecological alternative for 3D-printing

The ecological BrightBio® filaments are biobased and environmentally friendly alternatives for 3D printing. The filaments are completely built on green chemistry based BrightBio® technology with which unused industrial by-products are upcycled into materials with increased incremental functionalities. 

− With the functionality of side-streams and our BrightBio® technology, we have optimised the material properties especially for 3D-printing. We have sent the first filament batches to Maker3D and will develop the material based on their feedback with specific material compositions, explains Milja Hannu-Kuure, Managing Director of Brightplus. 

Biodegradable BrightBio® filaments reduce the circularity gap and do not produce any harmful chemicals or microplastics into the environment.

− We are currently optimising the filament properties, but material prototypes are already available. The ecological filament family will be launched in June as a production material for 3D printing, Lohilahti concludes.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the new material or would like to know more about the suitability of the material for your production, please contact Jarkko Lohilahti or Milja Hannu-Kuure.

Further information

Milja Hannu-Kuure
Managing Director
Brightplus Oy
+358 400 64 6533

Jarkko Lohilahti

Brightplus Oy

Brightplus is a pioneering Finnish biosourced materials company. We create reusable, recyclable and biodegradable side-stream material solutions with our visionary chemistry. Our versatile offering ranges from coating and barrier solutions to plastic replacement materials. Brightplus supports leading global manufacturers and major brands in e.g. packaging, consumer goods and agriculture to achieve their sustainability goals. Our multitalented team works closely with customers to co-create innovations that seamlessly comply with their existing processing methods and requirements. Our side-stream solutions reduce the circularity gap and meet the EU Green Deal 2030 targets. Read more:


Founded in 2012, Maker3D is a Finnish company specializing in 3D printing and providing 3D printing solutions. Our headquarters is located in Helsinki, Hernesaari, where we operate globally. Our desire to develop our services is reflected in how we operate; our project is carried out in cooperation with our customers, leading to mutual accumulation of the most up-to-date know-how while working. After more than 1,000 projects, we have become one of the best known companies in Finland. Read more: