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Our services also include methods of 3D scanning for digitizing parts and products. The process starts with scanning the target object and results in a 3D model, which can be further perfected in a 3D modeling software or used as is to manufacture a copy of the original object in our 3D printing service.

Why choose Maker3D’s 3D Scanning Service?

  • We have a range of 3D scanners and 3D scanning methods to suit the needs for any specific object and its application
  • The service is based in our Hernesaari offices, but is mobile when needed
  • We have an abundance of experience in creating 3D scanned models ranging from 3D scanning and postprocessing pieces of handcrafted art to reverse engineering industrial spare parts
  • The solid 3D models are delivered in STEP format
  • If you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact our 3D scanning expert Peter Broberg or leave a contact request with us

Applications for 3D scanning – Part 1, Scanning Assisted Designing

Peter Broberg
Designer – Maker3D