We make tools quickly by printing 3D directly from your 3D model or design a tool on the features you want. From our extensive range of materials, we find the material and technology that best meet your expectations.

Class 1 Biocompatible Medical-Material

The manufacturing methods we use allow us to manufacture tools for the medical use. The subtle movement of the SLA technology laser allows the tools to be manufactured for very precise measures.

High Temp – Hot Duration of the Material 289°C

High Temp-material has the biggest heat resistance in the market. It has been developed to serve the needs of companies using traditional methods of serial production of plastics. Product innovations are waiting to be picked up.


  • Versatile material options – All the 3d printing materials, ABS, ESD-protected, Polyjet materials, Medical, heat resistance
  • Light instruments – Technology allows hollow structures
  • No form limitations – Freedom of design
  • Rapidly – We can manufacture tools within 24 hours
  • Cost-effectiveness – Affordable material alternatives and speed
  • Flexibility – Changes can be made quickly and return to the previous stage flexibly