Maker3D is a Finnish 3D printing specialized company founded in 2012. We offer 3D printing solutions. Our head office is located in Helsinki Hernesaari, where we can operate globally. Our logistics agreements enable the delivery of goods quickly.

Our desire to develop our services is reflected in our operating practices. Our project is carried out in partnership with our customers, whereby the know-how is updated alongside the work. We aim to find business partners, so we can serve our customers as versatile as possible even in the most challenging projects. With more than 1,000 projects, we have become one of the industry’s most well-known companies in Finland.

3D printing online store is managed by our company. In our online store, you can purchase our printers, related accessories and be a customer service concept developed around products. Our most popular products are currently the product family of Formlabs and Ultimaker, two of the world’s most popular desktop printers.