Who we are?

Maker3D is a Finnish 3D printing company founded in 2012. Our office is located in Helsinki.
We offer 3D printing solutions. We are mainly focused on producing prototype models and
small production batches of endproducts. We also offer 3D desing, so we are able to produce products from
an idea to actual product.

Our mission is to continuously develop our service. In the field of 3D printing and
3D design we are well networked and our projects are carried out in business
co-operation. We aim to find business partners, so we can serve our customers as
versatile as possible even in the most challenging projects.
If you have a question considering the subject. Feel free to contact us and let’s make it work.


Our office

Maker3D Oy
VAT: 2468562-2
Laivakatu 3

Contact Us

Phone: +358 10 235 5140
Email: asiointi(at)maker3d.fi


Phone: +358 10 235 5142
Email: myynti(at)maker3d.fi